A Walk on the Beach

A Walk on the Beach

“Ready for our walk?” Sage asked Elodie. It was early Saturday morning. They planned to go for a walk before breakfast when the beach was deserted because most of the hotel guests were still in their rooms or having breakfast.

Elodie nodded. “Yes.”

“You look very sexy in that outfit,” he remarked quietly as his eyes traveled slowly over her and he became aroused.

“Maybe I should go back to my room and change into something else.”

“It won’t make a difference. You will look sexy in anything you wear.”

They set off for the beach. “Are you looking forward to the wedding later?”

“Yes and dancing with you.”

“I bet Merida is very excited.”

“And nervous too. I know I would be.”

“What are brides nervous about?”

“I read online that the biggest cause of anxiety for brides on their big day is the wedding dance.”

“And I read that bridegrooms are more worried about their best man making an embarrassing speech.”

“I don’t blame them. At the last wedding I went to, the best man’s speech was so embarrassing, I felt really bad for the groom.”

“Were he and the best man still friends after that speech?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Was the best man drunk when he made the speech?”

“He was a bit tipsy.”

“There’s nothing worse than a tipsy or drunk best man making a speech. I can’t say that I blame the groom for nixing their friendship.”

“I hate to seeing people get drunk. I don’t touch the stuff myself.”

“I don’t either.”

“Merida has a gorgeous day for her wedding. It’s too bad that the whole thing isn’t outdoors.”

“Would you like an outdoor wedding?”

“Maybe. On a beach on an island somewhere.”

“Maybe one of the Greek islands or the Caribbean.”

“Merida and Juliano are spending their honeymoon in Mallorca.”

“I heard that it takes a 45 minute plane ride to get there from here.”

“I heard that Mallorca is a very beautiful island.”

“Would you like to visit it one of these days?”

“Yes. Wouldn’t you?”

“Yes…with you.”

“Sage, you shouldn’t say such things–not when you’re still with Aishwarya.”

“I promised you that I would break up with her once we get back to London and I will.”

“Until you and she are finished, you and I can’t make any future plans.”

“All right. No future plans for now but how about us spending the day together here on the beach?”

“What about Aishwarya. Don’t you think she might want to spend the day with you?”

“You and I can spend the morning on the beach and she and I can do whatever she wants in the afternoon.”

“Why don’t we invite her and the group to spend the day on the beach?”

“I want to be alone with you, Lodie.”

“Sage, we’ve been through this before–it isn’t a good idea for us to be alone together.”

“But we’re alone together now and I haven’t made a pass at you. What’s wrong with two friends coming out here tomorrow morning to spend some time on the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and ocean?”

“All right. We’ll come here tomorrow morning.”

“Good. And then later in the day, the group can go sightseeing or on a tour or something.”

“You really don’t want to spend any time alone with Aishwarya, do you?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“To me, it is. You shouldn’t have brought her here then.”

“I had to. She insisted on coming.”

“I’m not surprised. You’re her boyfriend. It makes sense that she would want to be here with you instead of being stuck alone in London.”

“I guess it does make sense that she would want to come to the wedding with me. I just wish…”

“You just wish what?”

“That I had met you before I met her. If I had, she wouldn’t be here and you and I wouldn’t have to hide how we feel about each other.”

“I wish the same thing too but the reality is you met her first and you’re in a relationship with her. Until things change, you and I are just friends.”

“Friends. It’s funny. I’ve never been attracted to any of Merida’s friends until I met you.”

“And I’ve never been attracted to younger men until I met you.”

“I’m not that much younger than you.”

“You’re thirty and I’m thirty-seven.”

“So? What does age matter when two people are crazy about each other like you and me? And, in case you didn’t know this, Aishwarya is older than me too.”

“Are all the women you have ever dated older than you?”

“No. Just Aishwarya and you.”

“Were all your girlfriends South Asian?”


“So, I’m the first black woman you want to be in a relationship with?”

“Yes. Am I the first South Asian man you’re attracted to?”

“Yes and as I said before, the first younger man.”

He stopped and taking out his cell, he said, “Do you mind if I took your picture?”

She hesitated. “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? I’m just taking a picture of a friend on the beach in Ibiza, Spain.”

“All right.” She stood there as he took a few pictures of her.

When he was done, his gaze traveled over her as she stood there with her midriff exposed and the skirt hugging her curvy hips. Dropping his cell phone, he strode over to her and grabbing her by the waist, he pulled her roughly against him. Her startled eyes met his and she managed to say, “Sage…” before he lowered his head and kissed her.

She felt so good in his arms and her lips, he couldn’t seem to get enough of them. He kissed her hungrily, fiercely, passionately and moaned deeply when she responded.

Elodie gripped his arms, her head thrown far back as they kissed wildly and with reckless abandon. They dropped to their knees, still kissing when his cell rang. It startled Elodie and she broke off the kiss, panting. “Answer it,” she gasped.

“I don’t want to,” he protested. He wanted to continue kissing her instead.

“Answer it,” she insisted.

Sighing in frustration, he grabbed the cell. It was Merida. “Hi.”

Elodie stood up. Her legs were trembling and she was still trying to catch her breath. Her lips tingled from the kisses. She shouldn’t have allowed things to progress the way they did but…she couldn’t help herself. She wanted Sage as much as he wanted her.

He held the phone out to her. “It’s Merida. She wants to talk to you.”

Elodie took the phone. “Hi Merida. No, I’m-I’m fine. I’m just a little winded, that’s all.”

Sage stared out at the sea. His body was throbbing with desire. If only Merida hadn’t called when she did, how far would Elodie and he have gone? Although the beach was still pretty much deserted because it was early, would they have found a secluded spot and made love there?

Elodie handed him his cell, “I have to go. Merida needs me.”

Sage took the cell from her. He was tempted to say, I need you too but instead, he said, “You go and see what she wants. I’ll stay here for a while longer.”

“All right.” Her eyes lingered on him for a while longer and then, she turned and walked away.

Sage fell back on the sand and lay there for a long time.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar