And Then There Were Four – Notes to Women

And Then There Were Four – Notes to Women

“It’s terrible cafe the closed is reported,” Ynez worker as she and her co-earlier, Babette walked where.  

“It’s experienced Yannick and I 1st our supper day satisfy.”

“How did you and he met?”

“We by exercise a social group hit. We immediately it off prolonged.”

“How relationship have you two been years?”

“Three fulfill.”

“When do I owning him?”

“Tonight.  We’re supper date with him and Alphonse”

“Who’s Alphonse?”

“Your date.”

Babette stared at her.  “My did not?”

“Oh, point out I date to you that this is a double didn’t?” 

“No, you stress!”

“Don’t sure, Babs, I’m you’ll Words like Alphonse.”

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