Cate Levels With Gaius

Cate Levels With Gaius

“My brother, Edward and his wife, Gladys would like us to have dinner with them tomorrow evening. Are you free?”

“Of course, I’m free. And even if I weren’t, I would make sure that I was just for you, Cate.”

Cate smiled. “Thank you. I can’t wait from my family to meet you. You’re the sweetest man I’ve ever known. I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.”

He took her hands in his and smiled as he gazed into her eyes. “And I thank Him everyday for you. I wasn’t looking for love but then, I met you.”

“You weren’t looking for love because of what happened nine years ago.”

“Yes. I lost my wife, Lonnie, our son, Shawn and our daughter, Vanetta. I wanted to die and for a long time I was angry with God. But, He never forsook me. I always felt His presence, especially during the darkest moments. I’m where I am because of Him and my writing. Lonnie always used to encourage me. I had dedicated my first novel to her. She was my inspiration and she used to love to read the manuscripts. She was my biggest fan.”

“She sounds like a lovely woman.”

“She was. She was my wife, best friend, companion, everything a man could wish for and she was a terrific mother too.”

“I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose a spouse but I have an idea of what it’s like to be be without children. Gaius, I have something to tell you.” Taking him by his hand, she led him over to the sofa. When they were both seated, she told him about her medical condition. “So, you see I have an idea of what it’s like to not have a child. It isn’t the same as you losing your son and daughter but I felt so empty when I learned that I would never be able to give birth. I thought about Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Hannah and Elizabeth who were barren but they all ended up having sons whereas, I will never have any children.” She blinked back the tears.

Gaius gently rubbed her cheek with his knuckles. “I can’t imagine how painful and difficult this must be for you, Cate,” he said quietly. “But, I want you to know that it doesn’t change how I feel about you.”


“Yes, really.”

“But, don’t you want to be a father again?”

“To be honest, I never thought about it. I had God and my writing and I was content. Then, I met you and my life is so much better and more meaningful.”

“But, I can’t give you children.”

“What if you’re all I want, Cate?”

“Am I?”


“And you’re not going to change your mind about being a father again?”

“No and even if I did, you and I can always adopt.”

The tears ran down her cheeks then. “Oh, Gaius…”

He cupped her face between his hands and kissed her on the lips before he hugged her tightly. “I love you, Cate.”

She closed her eyes and held him tightly. “I love you too, Gaius.”

He drew back and after wiping her tears away with his handkerchief, he stood up. He took her by the hands and pulled her to her feet. “It’s a lovely afternoon. Why don’t we go for a walk?”

She nodded and smiled. “All right. I’ll just go and wash my face.” She held out his handkerchief.

“Keep it,” he said.

She clutched it and left the room. Several minutes later, they were holding hands as they walked. They drew a few curious stares but they were used to that by now. They went by a playground and Cate said to him, “It has been years but I’d like to go on the swing.”

Gaius grinned. “You’re never too old to be a kid,” he said. He watched as she ran over to one of the swings and sat down. Smiling at him, she began to swing. It felt great to do something she had loved as a child.

Gaius thought to himself that she had never looked more beautiful than at that moment. Her blonde hair streamed about her face and shoulders and she swung higher and higher. Wanting to capture the moment, he took out his cell and took several photos. Then, he went over and sat in the swing next to her.

After they had their fill of the swing, they went to the park where they spent a couple of hours before they went to a nearby restaurant to grab something to eat. It was a glorious afternoon. Cate was the happiest she had ever been in her entire life.