Fashion Editor Belle Bakst Breaks Down Her Style And How She Uses Her Prosthetic Eye As An Accessory.  

Fashion Editor Belle Bakst Breaks Down Her Style And How She Uses Her Prosthetic Eye As An Accessory.  

Belle Bakst, @littlefashionstylist 

Fashion Editor and Content Creator

New York, NY 

How would you describe your personal style? I’d describe it as visual optimism. I like to wear things that bring me joy. I tend to wear a lot of color—it’s an instant serotonin boost. I’ve also always had a soft spot for novelty items, like handbags or earrings.

You’ve been outspoken about how you can use your prosthetic eye as an accessory. What kind of fun prosthetic options do you have in your collection? I really liked how [novelty] prosthetic eyes looked on other people, but I was not sure if I would like them on me. And sure enough, I do like them on me—and it’s become a problem! I got my first one through the Fun Eye Fund, a non-profit where I am now on the board. I currently have seven prosthetics including a 24K gold, an amethyst, and a Swarovski crystal option with no iris. The sky’s the limit because everything is done by a medical professional, and as long as she deems it a safe material to use, we can use it! I have an entire Pinterest folder dedicated to what prosthetic I want next. I’m thinking crushed emeralds. 

Tell me about the pieces you chose for this photo shoot.My jacket is a Proenza Schouler D-ring belted denim jacket that I got at a sample sale. I love a midi skirt, and I tend to keep a circle skirt in rotation like it’s 1955. The one I’m wearing is from a Sachin & Babi set. I wear Mary Janes almost every day; these are Miu Miu red satin Mary Jane Court shoes. It’s a playful shoe that is also extremely versatile—for a lady of leisure and of luxury! The Diet Coke bag is a fun story. I was walking down the street to get coffee and I saw this shop with tons of novelty things inside. This bag was on display with a Coke bag, a Fanta bag, and a Sprite bag. I knew I needed it, so I bought it for my 30th birthday.

What advice would you give people looking to take the first steps in developing personal style? Any time you admire something that someone is wearing and wish you could do it, you can do it. It took me a very long time to realize that anything I admire on another person is something I can try for myself. Lots of people say, “I can’t pull that off.” Well, why the hell not? 


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