How to Live a More Intentional Life

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Our lives are abuzz with activity, and it’s easy to get bogged down by the endless push and pull. We get lost in our thoughts and stressors and sometimes give into what we feel the world is laying out for us and we’ve lost the ability to live an intentional life.

I know, it’s exhausting.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Shaking those mental roadblocks and taking control of your life – to get what you want and really shine in a way that represents the true you – is achievable through a single, simple action: setting personal intentions. 


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Easier said than done? Not if you have the right tools. Let me explore some intentions I recommend you set for various parts of your day and life’s little interactions that will help you live a more intentional life—and feel really good in the process!


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Reframe the Daily Grind

Mundane? Sometimes. Stressful? For sure. Now, strip those negative thoughts about work from your brain and consider what it is you’re really doing: being productive, contributing to a larger goal, and even being creative. The personal intention here is to eliminate those negative thoughts and realize that even on the longest days, you are bettering yourself. Plus, knowledge is power!

Date to Discover

I have found that love is a powerful tool for personal growth. However, in dating, too often we find ourselves circling back to the question: “Is this person the one? Can I see us falling in love and starting a life together?” Rather than adding a layer of pressure to what’s already nerve-wracking, step back and let your intention be around getting to know yourself by learning more about another person. Let it flow and see what blossoms.

Let’s Get Physical

Finding the time – or the motivation – to get to the gym can be a struggle, and the excuses to skip and binge-watch your favorite TV show can be overwhelming (believe me, I’ve been there). Set a personal intention each day, at some point that works with your crazy schedule, to be good to your body through a nice bout of exercise. Enjoy that lovely boost of endorphins!


Ways Women Can Keep Strong Bones

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Food is Your Friend

Especially when it’s packed with essential nutrients that power you up and keep you going through life’s many adventures. Set an intention to eat a balanced diet as much as possible (I know it can be challenging) and enjoy the benefits of a healthy body. However, allow yourself some grace to have a special treat here and there – you deserve it. 

Love Yourself

Above all else, love yourself. Doubts and negative thinking about who we are is bound to hit us all at some point. Set an intention – maybe two or three! – to remember that you are perfect as you are, flaws and all, as it’s the flaws that make you unique. If you feel up to it, head over to a mirror, look yourself straight in the eyes and share it with the universe: “I am me, and I am amazing.” 

Don’t forget, your world is truly yours! Let personal intentions be your guidepost in living a more intentional life!

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