Indulge in Authentic Korean Flavors at DRIM on Orchard Road

Phase into the coronary heart of Seoul with no leaving Singapore at DRIM, an reliable Korean steak cafe nestled in the Mandarin Gallery. Immerse you in the rich tapestry of Korean flavors, where by every single dish is a harmonious blend of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, chilli powder, and chilli paste. Let DRIM get you on a culinary journey that transcends borders, capturing the essence of age-aged Korean techniques and ingredients.

Knowledge the Essence of Deurim – “Sincerely Yours” at D’RIM

DRIM embraces the Korean philosophy of “deurim” (), that means the act of “presenting” with utmost respect and sincerity. From the second you move inside, the ambiance echoes regular Korean houses of the 14th century Joseon era, showcasing Hanok interiors with picket accents that transport you to a exclusive backstreet cafe in Seoul. Nonetheless, the actuality is that you are ideal in the coronary heart of Singapore, relishing the subtle essence of authentic Korean cuisine.

The vibe at DRIM is finest summed up as “Sincerely Yours.” With its open idea, inclusive atmosphere, and impeccable service, DRIM results in an setting that is each welcoming and regal. Irrespective of whether you choose for a Bangsan set, priced at fewer than 50 S$, or take a look at the comprehensive la carte menu, just take your time to savor the knowledge as you enjoy chefs make culinary magic in the open up kitchen.

Delight Your Palate with DRIMs Culinary Creations

Signature Dishes:

  1. Jejo Yukgaejang: A hearty beef and vegetable soup featuring Jeju rock fern, crimson chile powder, buckwheat flour, brisket, environmentally friendly onions, and sesame seeds.
  2. DRim Noodles: 100% buckwheat noodles paired with perilla seed sauce, garlic chives, spinach, sesame seeds, perilla leaves, and perilla leaf sprouts.
  3. NaengMyeon: Revel in the refreshing flavors of cold noodles with aged dongchimi, beef heel muscle, shredded egg crepe, pickled radish, and pickled cucumber.

Far more Ala Carte Alternatives:

  1. Pork Soybean Tofu Stew: A comforting stew with pork tummy, pork jowl, soybean paste, enoki mushroom, and Korean zucchini.
  2. BiBim NaengMyeon: Spicy chilly noodles with a “secret recipe” sauce, showcasing red pepper powder, beef heel muscle, shredded egg crepe, and clean cabbage kimchi.
  3. GalBiTang: Indulge in brisket broth, spring onions, and brief ribs gradual-boiled for 24 hrs.

Elevate Your Knowledge with the Omakase Tasting Menu:

For a a lot more indulgent eating affair, examine the 11-course omakase tasting menu at DRIM, promising an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Phase into DRIM, wherever the planet of authentic Korean delicacies awaits, and permit us take treatment of you. Mashekeh-mogoseyo – Take pleasure in your meal!