It’s Not The Heat It’s The Bro-Midity

It’s Not The Heat It’s The Bro-Midity

Howdy from Abortion Access Front – our favorite pro-abortion troublemakers coming atcha every Friday in BUST with a cry-larious weekly round-up of the good, the bad, and, well, mostly bad repro news of the week.
AAF is back at work after an extended weekend celebrating raging about the state of America. We spent a lot of time over the break looking inward and trying to figure out what comes next. We have decided the best use of our time and energy is to join the cicadas and screech non-stop into the void until the first frost. JK, that’s just a fantasy we float into from time to time to calm our nerves. 

Now it’s back to reality and some abortion news from this week that you need to know! 


You know what you do need to know but is confusing as hell? WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET AN ABORTION! It seems like every damn day, some law goes into effect or is repealed or emerges from the past to fuck us over entirely – it is just too much to keep up with! Thankfully, these NYT graphics will keep you in the know and updated on, well, the rollercoaster that is abortion access.


Not only do we all need to know where to get an abortion, we need to know… how they’re snooping on us trying to GET ONE?! From abortion trafficking laws, to online data collection, to scanning license plates at clinics, surveillance of abortion seekers and providers is off the charts. Which makes total sense – if you’re a complete tool, of course.

GOOD NEWS! No This isn’t Toxic Positivity. There Is Actual Good News


We will never let you sit with a meteor shower of bad news without giving you ways to take action! AAF has some cool and meaningful shit YOU can do to get involved because we believe in you! Look through our Activist Calendar and CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! Don’t feel like clickity clicking? We got HIGHLIGHTS!


Our Petition To Repeal The Comstock Act HAS OVER 40K signatures! Make yours one of them!!

ACAB: All Comstocks Are Bad! Join Abortion Access Front and our partners in calling on our elected officials to REPEAL THE COMSTOCK ACT, and guarantee that it can never be used to ban abortion nationwide! Click here, sign the petition and help us put Comstock in the ground for good!


Self Managed Abortion 101 (virtual)

In the face of relentless attacks on abortion access and bodily autonomy, abortion pills have become even more essential. Faith Choice Ohio is holding a valuable training so you can learn how to share information about why Self-Managed Abortion (SMA) through medication is a safe, effective, and convenient reproductive health option for those in your community. 

July 17th, 12 pm. Register here 

If you need even more inspo, again, our AAF Activist calendar offers all kinds of cool doin’s happening accross the country. 

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