Miss Theodora Wittock is Found

Miss Theodora Wittock is Found

“Is she dead?” Mrs. Sackville asked, horrified.

Chief Inspector Sackville checked for a pulse.  “No, she’s alive.”

“Thank God.  Should we move her?”


They heard the front door open and close downstairs.  A man’s voice called out, “Dorie, darling.”

“Quickly, hide!” the Chief Inspector urged.  He hid behind the door while Mrs. Sackville scrambled into the closet.

A tall, blond man entered the bedroom.  “Dorie!” He rushed over to her and knelt down.

“Move away from the body!”

Startled, the man turned.  “Chief Inspector Sackville! What are you doing here? Is–is Dorie…?”

“No, Lord Wittock, your step-daughter isn’t dead.”

100 Words

This is part four of the Missing Wittock Girl series.

Part One – The Disappearance of the Wittock Girl

Part Two – The Case of the Missing Wittock Girl

Part Three – The Missing Wittock Girl

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