Retro Wedding Inspiration

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I don’t know if you’ve been on Pinterest recently, but retro weddings are sweeping the industry and we totally see why! 

Step back in time and into the charm of yesteryear with a wedding that captures the essence of a bygone era. Retro weddings are all about reviving the elegance and allure of the past, creating a timeless celebration. 


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Let’s delve into the world of vintage charm and discover how to weave the threads of history into the tapestry of your special day with this fabulous retro wedding inspo!

Retro Color Schemes

The color scheme is what will start you off on the right foot for your vintage style wedding. Think about the decade you are leaning towards. Do you want a 70s feel with burn oranges and reds? Maybe more pastel pinks and blues for a 60s feels. Here are a few pallets that spoke to us!

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It’s All About The Shape

When we think about the retro styles that are popular right now, it is all about fun shapes! Get squiggly with it, add some arches, Look for those angles and try fun fonts to ads style to your invites.

The Clothing Options

Sooo many fun ideas for fashion at a retro style wedding!

As a bride or groom, there are fun vintage and new options for suits, dresses and jumpsuits! Your wedding party and guests will also have fun with color schemes and finding something a little different from their normal wardrobe. 

If you have a bridal party, think about putting them in different colors and style that still compliment the aesthetic! 

The Details

Weddings are all about details and this is where you get to have the most fun! Its the little things like macramé wall art, velvet ring boxes, and air plants to decorate the tables.

Endless Props

When it comes to the Instagramable moments and entertaining your guests, there are a lot of creative ideas out there! a vintage vehicle is always cool, fun vintage furniture makes an awesome photobooth, and you can bring in a few games!

Unique Photo Ops

I mean… It’s really all about the photos! Find a photographer that has the style you are looking for and get creative with locations or props. 

Vibrant Florals

Florals are the best decor for wedding and vintage ambiance. Its all about the color scheme. Plus, you can incorporate fun props like disco balls and candles in!

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