Sex After Pregnancy

Sex After Pregnancy

Dushan stared at Chioma. “You look very beautiful,” he remarked.

“Thank you. And you look very handsome in your suit.”

“Looking at you, it’s hard to believe that you recently gave birth.”

“I guess I’m one of those women whose stomachs return to their pre-pregnancy state after six weeks.” It was eight weeks since she gave birth and today, Saturday, they were going to church for their son’s baby dedication.

“How soon after giving birth can you have sex?”

“Well, the doctor said that since I had a tear-free vaginal delivery and no other complications, you and I can resume having sex as soon as two weeks after giving birth, if we want.”

“Do you feel up to making love tonight?”

“Yes. We will have to be quiet so that we don’t wake the baby.” The baby was in his carriage now, making happy gurgling sounds as his big, beautiful eyes fixed on her.

“Chioma, I want you to know that as much as I want to us to make love since it has been a while, I’ll understand if you’re not yet ready.”

“I’m ready. I miss our love-making.”

His eyes darkened. “I miss it too.”

She went over to him and hugged him about the waist, inhaling his aftershave and loving the feel of his body against hers. Oh, yes, she was ready for tonight.

Source: Cleveland Clinic