Summer Plans

“Congratulations,” Chelsey said, smiling. “You’ve finished your first book.”

“Thanks. I’ve decided that I would self-publish it.”

“How long will that take?”

“From four to six months. There’s the copy-editing process which takes one to three months. Interior formatting takes four to eight weeks. The e-book conversion will take two to three weeks. The cover design will take about six to eight weeks. Before I can launch my book I will need to write some marketing copy for both Amazon and Ingram Spark and make some decisions about the metadata for my book.  I will need to order a printed proof which will take about ten days. The soft launch will take two to four weeks. The expanded distribution will take five to ten days and I also plan to create an audio book. Self-publishing is a lot faster than traditional publishing but it’s a very involved process.”

“I’m so excited, Gideon. I loved the story. I finished reading it in two days. Have you come up with a name for it?”

“How about What Ever Happened to Baroness Durel?”

“That’s great since the story is about there being no record of her checking into the hotel when her husband shows up and inquires about her.”

“Or The Mysterious Disappearance of Baroness Durel?”

“Perhaps, The Baroness Vanishes.”

“That’s perfect! I can’t wait for it to be published.”

“We’ll celebrate.”

“Yes. We can celebrate with friends or alone. I’d much rather we celebrated alone.”

“Yes, we’ll celebrate alone.”

Chelsey smiled. “Good. I will make us a romantic, candlelight dinner and we can have it outside.”

“Sounds wonderful. What are your plans now that it’s the summer break from university?”

“Well, I was hoping that you and I will be spending the summer together.”

“How would you like us to spend the summer?”

“Well, there are lots of things we can do in London. I have already come up with a itinerary. We’re almost in the middle of June but there’s much we can do. We can go and see Sister Act The Musical at the Dominion Theatre. We can attend the Harrison All Day Festival and enjoy folk, world and jazz acts. We can take a day trip to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and York. We can go on a Thames Dinner Cruise. I thought it would be nice to attend the Kew’s Midsummer Fete this year. And we can spend a day at the beach, go to a football game and enjoy a concert by candlelight.”

“Sounds like we’ll be doing a lot of things in June.”

“We’re going to have a fun summer together, Gideon. In July, we can go to Madame Tussauds, see The Lion King, visit King Henry VIII’s home, the London Dungeons and visit Salisbury. I’ve always wanted to go there.”

“What about Wimbledon?”

“Yes, we can go and watch a couple of matches.”

“How would you like to spend 15 days in Ireland and Scotland?”

“I would like to do that very much. When?”

“In August.”


“This promises to be the best summer.”

Gideon smiled. “Yes, it does. Now, are you hungry?”

“Now that you mention it…I’m starving.”

“Good. I’ve prepared your favorite.”

“Fish fingers, chips and beans?”

“Yes. We can watch the telly while we eat.”

Chelsey rubbed her hands together with delight. “I love that idea.”

Gideon got up. “While you find something for us to watch, I’ll share out the dinner.”

Chelsey followed into the house and while he headed for the kitchen, she went to the snug room.

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