Temptation Averted

Temptation Averted

It was the morning of the wedding. Elodie thought it would be a good idea to go for a morning swim. There were very few people there. She removed her tee shirt and skirt. After putting sunscreen on her skin, she sat down on her beach towel for about half-hour and then, she got up. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Sage.

He had just come out of the water and was standing on the spot where his towel and clothes lay. As he was reaching down to pick up his towel, he noticed her. He straightened up and their eyes met.

By standing there, staring at him, she knew she was playing with fire, especially after what happened between them yesterday morning. Maybe, she should turn and walk in the opposite direction but she couldn’t seem to move. Maybe she should cover up. The bikini top was too revealing but it flattered her curvy figure. And the white color accentuated her dark complexion. She knew she looked amazing in it.

What was she going to do if he were to walk over to her? What if he took her in his arms again and kissed her? She wouldn’t resist. How could she when she wanted him as much as he wanted her? But, what about Aishwarya? Did she suspect anything? Yesterday she got a nasty look from her but that wasn’t anything new. She was always getting nasty looks from her. Was it because she suspected that there was an attraction between Sage and her?

What would Aishwarya do if she only knew that Sage and she had come very close to making love on this beach? She would probably cut short their trip and whisk him away and back to London or stick to him like glue, making sure that he wasn’t out of her sight or allow him go anywhere without her. Her jealousy and insecurity would get worse.

Then, she thought about how she would feel if she were in Aishwarya’s place. Guilt came over her and she turned away. She would return to the hotel and swim in the pool instead. She got dressed, picked up her beach towel after pushing her feet into her flipflops and left.

Sage watched her go. He was tempted to run after her but he knew what would happen if he did. Besides, he couldn’t take that chance. Aishwarya was joining him. At breakfast that morning, she had told him that she was going to spend the afternoon with him on the beach. So, she could show up at any moment. And what if she had caught Elodie and him kissing or–making love?

The thought of Elodie and him making love filled him with such hunger that he shuddered. Frustrated, he reached for his towel and began to vigorously dry his skin. Aishwarya watched him. She had seen when Elodie had walked away.

For a few tense moments, she had worried when she saw them just standing there staring at each other. She hated that they had gone for a walk on the beach again yesterday. They seemed to be spending far too much time together. She had to do something about that, especially since it was obvious to her that Elodie had set her sights on him. Well, she wasn’t going to let her get her claws into him.

At the wedding reception, she was going to see to it that Sage danced only with her and that she was always with him. She wouldn’t give Elodie a chance to be alone with him. There were other men at the wedding she could flirt with. Sage was off limits. Maybe she could persuade him to spend the rest of their vacation in Valencia with its beaches and do a day trip to Barcelona which was a train ride away. She wanted him as far away from Elodie as possible.

Aishwarya joined him now. “Did you already go for a swim?” she asked as she spread her beach towel on the sand and sat down after taking off her wrap skirt and sandals.


“The water looks really nice but I’ll relax here for a while. Could you put some of this sunscreen on my back? Thanks.” She went into her beach bag and took out the bottle which she handed to him. “Do you like my swimsuit? I bought it the week before we came here.”

“Yes. The color suits you.” It was a mustard color strapless whole piece swimsuit. It flattered her coloring and figure but he couldn’t get the image of Elodie in the white bikini out of his mind. He closed his eyes when he felt himself get hard.

“Sage, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Then, why aren’t you putting the sunscreen on my back?”

“Sorry.” He opened the bottle, poured the lotion on his hand and rubbed it all over her back. He didn’t know how much more he could stand. He wanted to be with Elodie but that wasn’t possible as long as he was still in a relationship with Aishwarya. He had to end it tomorrow.