Thalia Castro-Vega Gives Maximum Style 


We chat with vogue stylist Thalia Castro-Vega, @polychrom3 about her lewks.

Inform us about your outfits. 

I enjoy mixing designs, and I do this by piecing with each other outfits by way of a coloration story. This eye skirt is by Leeann Huang. For the other outfit, ruffles are a thing I’ve always savored, so I routinely integrate them into my styling selections, like I did with these pink Imad Eduso pants and the Akira blazer and Afrm prime. For the past photograph, very little beats a excellent blazer, specifically secondhand classic kinds! 

I usually adorn my blazers with brooches and pins. I like tulle, ruffles, shiny hues, and enjoyment prints, and I test to include that into my design and style every single day. It delivers me joy. But I also like sustainable and secondhand manner alongside with supporting small brands, so normally my fashion will element things that come from different sources. Upcycling and mending my clothes is a thing else I do to make it even extra visually interesting.

What is the Sacramento vogue scene like?  

The fashion scene is extremely tiny. I ordinarily store on the web for new parts, but I take pleasure in having secondhand parts from FreeStyle Clothes Trade or Vintage YSJ.

Would you explain your seem as maximalism? How do you determine that?

I appreciate maximalism. It implies flexibility from fashion principles and restrictions—typically bright, colorful, and patterned, but it can also be darkish and texturized. Maximalism doesn’t indicate overconsumption, as people are likely to conflate minimalism with consuming less and maximalism with consuming more. It is simply a style that lets that wearer to examine clothing without emotion the have to have to adhere to any constraints.

What tips would you give somebody seeking to experiment with maximalism? 

My idea is to enable go of the policies and dive in. The a lot more you use the objects you have required to put on, the far more the guidelines that beforehand occupied your mind will slip absent, and it will only become about what helps make you content for your individual model. Have pleasurable with it put on apparel for every single aspect of your life! I am a organization believer that if we hold out for the particular event to arrive to put on our unique clothes, we won’t get a opportunity. My fashion is for everywhere–the grocery store, operating errands, finding an oil change…. 

Who is anyone whose type you truly admire? 

My design and style icon is Prince. I really like it when men and women are so free of charge in the way they dress, and Prince absolutely embodied that. There were no gender limits or clothes rule limits. He wore what he preferred, period of time. 

Make it maximalist with Thalia’s bold picks

The Kit Cado Jacket in Midnight Collage, $118.

Kat Maconie Rhea Boots, $372,

Marland Backus Gold Bow Necklace, $185, 

Samantha Pleet Persephone Pants, $248,

Min & Mon Anastasio Micro Crossbody Purse in Bubblegum Pink Leather—Eyes Embroidery, $198,

Meghan Magnificent Back garden of Eden Snake Rhinestone Earrings, $29,