The Last Time

He had just arrived home after doing a segment on a cooking show. As he parked and came out of the car, he noticed Dena standing there watching him. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a black whole piece swimsuit. He instantly became aroused.

He walked over to her. “Hello,” he said.


“I didn’t think you were coming by today.”

“I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see you so I came here after I left school.”

“Dressed like that?”

“No, silly. I was wearing this under my uniform. This is the uniform’s shirt. My skirt and socks are in my knapsack over there.” She pointed behind her. “I was hoping that we could go to the beach for a while.”

He thought about it for a moment. The drive from there to Westgate was less than half-hour. It was a beautiful day and it had been a while since he had been to the beach. “All right,” he said. “I’ll go grab my swimming trunks and quickly pack some snacks and water and be right back. I can take your knapsack up with me.”

Smiling broadly, she grabbed her knapsack and gave it to him with her shoes. “Thanks!”

“I’ll be right back.”

Several minutes later, he returned with a picnic basket and a beach bag with his swimming trunks and a beach towel. He put the bag and the basket in the car trunk and opened the doors. He waited for her to get into the car before he went around to the driver’s side. Donning his sunglasses, he gunned the engine and they were off.

They a good chunk of the afternoon at the beach. They swam before they had the delicious food which he had packed. Over Mnandi pies, Honey & Soy Chicken Wings and Eggless Chikenduza, they talked and watched the other people who were also enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea.

After they left the beach, they went back to his place. “Do you mind if I take a shower?” Dena asked as she removed her shirt.

“No, I don’t mind. I’ll get a towel for you. Use my bedroom.”

While she went to his bedroom, he got a towel for her. She took it and after he left, she stripped, rolled her swimsuit in her shirt and stuffed them in her knapsack after removing the bra, underwear, tee shirt and shorts she was going to wear home. She went into the bathroom and had a nice long shower. When she was done, she went into his room where she dried herself off.

He went into the bathroom, stripped and stepped into the shower. He washed his hair and then, lathered his skin. When he was done, he dried his skin then walked into his bedroom where Dena was. She was standing by the bed with the towel wrapped around her.

He saw her eyes travel over him. He leaned against the wall. The towel was around his hips but it wasn’t tucked in. He was holding it with one hand.

Dena’s eyes met his as she unwrapped the towel and it fell to the floor at her feet. Anatole felt the heat surge through his loins. He released the towel and it fell to his feet. Fully aroused, he strode over to her and catching her by the waist, he pulled her roughly against him. Muttering her name under his breath, he lowered his head and hungrily kissed her, making her moan against his lips.

They stood there in the light streaming through the windows, kissing wildly, passionately as their desire for each other consumed them. It was always like this and in a matter of minutes, they were under the sheets making love. They had no idea that it would be the last time they would see each other…

Anatole dragged his fingers through his hair as he recalled that dreadful day when his world was turned upside down.