When Fashion Meets Film: Ruby Modine Embodies Joynoelle’s Newest Collection

When Fashion Meets Film: Ruby Modine Embodies Joynoelle’s Newest Collection

Ruby Modine x Joynoelle SS24 / Courtesy of Workhousepr

When actress Ruby Modine slipped into the gowns of Joynoelle‘s Spring/Summer ’24 collection, the collaboration between Modine and designer Joy Teiken became a harmonious celebration of fashion and theatrical flair. Against the majestic backdrop of Northern California, Modine inhabits Teiken’s style, showcasing the beauty and drama of her fluffy and fitted garments.

In the world of cinema, fashion is a storytelling tool that enhances characters, heightens drama, and elevates narratives beyond dialogue alone. Modine, with her on-screen charisma, understands the transformative power of wardrobe in shaping a role. In Joynoelle’s Spring/Summer ’24 collection, she brings Teiken’s gowns to life in a way that underscores the power of fashion on film. Whether playing the complex characters or navigating the thrilling plot lines, Modine knows how clothing can lend an air of mystery and depth to a character.

Ruby Modine x Joynoelle SS24 / Courtesy of Workhousepr

“Ruby’s natural beauty and kind spirit are the perfect combination. I love her theatrical presence in my pieces and feel she tells the story of the playfulness of Mother Nature that I always tap into when I design my work,” Teiken reflects, recognizing the unique synergy between her sculptural gowns and Modine’s presence.

SS24 / Courtesy of Workhousepr

Dressed in a moon-inspired gown, Modine embodies elegance. Layers of netting weave across the fabric to mimic lunar craters, creating a striking textural contrast that plays with light and shadow. In another look, she dons the “caged bird” gown, where strips of cashmere form a lattice over delicate netting, finished with feather-like shoulder accents in silk chiffon. It’s a dress that captures the balance between strength and fragility, echoing a moody mix.

Ruby Modine x Joynoelle SS24 / Courtesy of Workhousepr

As a multifaceted performer, Modine brings a dramatic intensity and effortless charisma to every role she inhabits. Best known for her memorable turns in “Shameless” and the “Happy Death Day” franchise, she is no stranger to the demands of theatrical versatility. Modine channels this same energy into her music. A talent born into the entertainment world—daughter of “Stranger Things” actor Matthew Modine and makeup stylist Caridad Rivera—Ruby has developed her own distinct presence in the creative industry, traversing genres and styles with ease.

Joynoelle SS24 / Courtesy of Workhousepr

Teiken’s Spring/Summer ’24 collection, which Modine vividly brings to life in this photo essay, embodies the designer’s commitment to nature-inspired, texturally rich aesthetics. The forms are rooted in Teiken’s affinity for storytelling, each piece weaving a narrative that reflects her artistic journey from the shores of Eagle Lake, Minnesota, to her Minneapolis atelier. Here, Teiken crafts garments that marry the whimsy of nature with modern elegance.

Joy Teiken, Designer, Joynoelle / Courtesy of Workhousepr

The Joynoelle atelier has become a sanctuary for artistic expression, a space where luxurious fabrics are draped and manipulated with care. In each gown, Teiken’s craftsmanship is evident in the intricate details and layered textures, drawing inspiration from her formative years in art education and her time in the Peace Corps(!). Her work balances simplicity and purpose, creating pieces that feel both timeless and contemporary.

In Ruby Modine, Teiken finds the perfect muse —a performer who can effortlessly translate the designer’s nature-inspired aesthetics into wearable art. Their collaboration not only reveals the symbiotic relationship between designer and muse but also celebrates the beauty of blending celestial energy with fashion’s form. Together, they craft a story that resonates far beyond the boundaries of Minneapolis or Hollywood, offering a tribute to the power of creativity. What joy! 

Designer: Joy Teiken / Joynoelle / IG: @joynoelle.atelier

Model: Ruby Modine / IG:@ rubymodine

Photographer: Kristin Smith / IG: @kristin.smith.photography

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