Where is God in Your Life?

Where is God in Your Life?
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

In each of the following Psalms we see the place the Lord occupies in the person’s life.

Psalm 16:8 – The psalmist has set the LORD always before him and because the LORD is at his right hand, he will not be moved.

Psalm 44:8 – The psalmist boasts in God all day long and praises His name forever.

Psalm 46:1 – For the psalmist God is his refuge and strength and is present to help him in the time of trouble. God is his help.

Psalm 47:1, 7 – The psalmist encourages others to clap their hands and to shout to God with the voice of triumph. Why? God is the King of the earth. The people are to sing praises with understanding. The psalmist calls for God to be praised.

Psalm 57:2 – The psalmist cries out to God Most High–to God who performed all things for him.

Psalm 62:8 – The psalmist calls God to arise and judge the earth for He shall inherit all nations.

Psalm 121:7 – The psalmist testifies that the LORD shall preserve us from all evil and that He shall preserve our souls.

Where is the Lord in your life? What place does He occupy today? I hope that it is in your heart. Why? Listen to this beautiful song and you’ll see why we ought to love the Lord.