5 Tips and Tidbits For Making Your Life Better This Spring

5 Tips and Tidbits For Making Your Life Better This Spring

From healthcare, petcare to financial care – we got you covered this spring. 

Rebel Girl

Before Chef Rossi, BUST’s legendary “Eat Me” columnist, was a culinary hellion, she was a pink-haired teenage one in ’80s New York. That’s when her parents, hoping to reform her, sent Rossi to live with an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. She tells the tale in her new queer coming-of-age memoir, The Punk Rock Queen of the Jews (She Writes Press).  

Deal Us In

Artist and activist Alexandra Jamieson’s Abortion Trading Cards deck ($19.99, rowhousepublishing.com) is a feminist art piece, an educational tool, and a vital conversation starter meant to help people understand the importance of reproductive rights and access to abortion care in a post-post-Roe v. Wade world. Take one to your next family gathering.

Paws Up

Attention green thumbs with fur babies: you might be surprised by how many commonplace houseplants are incredibly toxic for cats and dogs (we’re lookin’ at you, philodendron!). Plantsforpetparents.com is an online nursery that only stocks gorgeous greenery deemed safe by the ASPCA. Plus, they’ve got stupid-cute dog-shaped planters to house them in. 

Let’s Get Physical

Lauren Leavell is an inclusive fitness instructor who puts the joy in movement with training tips and virtual workouts (barre, HIIT, strength, mobility) that exist wholly outside of diet culture. A membership gets you live and on-demand classes, but you can also glean modification gems and meme hilarity from her delightful IG feed @laurenleavellfitness.

She-Wolves of Wall Street

Just when we thought the finance world was all monsters and misogynists, here comes Chordata Capital (chordatacapital.com), an anti-capitalist wealth management firm run by Tiffany Brown and Kate Poole. Both have backgrounds in social justice, and they help investors redistribute rather than accumulate their wealth. This is what feminist investment advising looks like.