Aishwarya Sets the Rules

Aishwarya Sets the Rules

Sage leaned against the column, arms folded, thinking about what happened between Elodie and him on the beach that morning. He hadn’t meant to overstep the boundaries but he couldn’t fight his feelings. She looked so sexy when he was taking her photo, that he lost his head. If Merida hadn’t called, Elodie and he would have ended up making love on the beach. And what about Aishwarya?

Just then, Aishwarya joined him. She stood there, watching him, with her arms folded. “So, where did you go this morning before breakfast?” she asked. “I came by your room and there was no answer.”

“I went for a walk on the beach.”


“No, with Elodie.” There was no point lying about that.

“Was going for a walk on the beach your idea or hers?”


“This is the second time you and she have gone for a walk on the beach.”


“I know that she’s your sister’s best friend, but I don’t like you spending so much time with her.”

“Lodie is my friend too.”

“I doubt that friendship is all she wants from you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious to you that she’s attracted to you? I’ve seen the way she looks and acts around you when she thinks no one is noticing. She probably wishes that I wasn’t here then she can get you in bed–“

“Stop it!”

“Stop what?”

“Saying such things about Lodie. You don’t know her.”

“And you do?”

“Yes! I know that she’s not the conniving woman you make her out to be.”

“Well, I don’t like her and I don’t want her hanging around you. You’re my boyfriend. She needs to get her own.”

He hated the thought of Elodie becoming involved with another man. “Maybe she isn’t interested in dating anyone.”

“Maybe that’s because she wants to date you. Well, she’s wasting her time. Now, I’d appreciate it if you stop sneaking off with her to the beach.”

“We didn’t sneak off, Aishwarya.”

“I don’t want you going off alone with her anymore, Sage. You’re here in Ibiza with me. You should be spending time with me, not her.”

“All right. I won’t go for walks on the beach with her anymore.”

“I’d like you to stay away from her.”

Sage was tempted to say that she didn’t have any right to dictate to him what he did with his time but he shrugged and said, “To satisfy you, I will stay away from her.”

“I’m a very jealous woman, Sage. I’m not going to share you with Elodie or any other woman.”

Sage didn’t answer.

Aishwarya walked over to him and wrapping her arms around his waist, she said, “Why don’t we spend the rest of the afternoon here?”