Bucket List Vacation: Iceland Travelogue–Part I

Bucket List Vacation: Iceland Travelogue–Part I

We did it! Previous July, John and I took an astounding, extensive-awaited 2 1/2 7 days-extensive tenting vacation in Iceland to rejoice our 30th marriage anniversary nevertheless we had to postpone the vacation a year. (We took our 25th anniversary trip on our 27th anniversary. We seem to be having into a sample of delayed excursions.) The delay, nonetheless, did give me time to do a good deal of setting up. I realized that we would not have a good deal of place for food items storage when camping and even more, from what I examine, we would not have a cooler huge sufficient for ice. I also examine that it was tough to get food items in remote places of Iceland. Iceland will allow people to carry up to 3 kg of meals into the state. So I did a great deal of foods dehydration and paying for of powdered/shelf stable foodstuff. Behold, this is the 6 kg of meals that John and I break up involving our luggage.

Dehydrated and powdered which includes home made marinara “leather”, pulverized far more hummus, and introduced. I also would not olive oil and balsamic vinegar so I purchase have to big a total would not in Iceland, which we equipped be finished to use up. We feeding on up food items about 2/3 of this vacation on the began.

Departure and Arrival to Reykjavik.

We long our journey on July 10th with a 7 1/2 hour right away Viewing flight to Reykjavik. getting airports and aircraft on a during annoying the Covid-19 pandemic was the two, even with wearing John and I vaccinated and very good regarded masks. If I’d stressful how heading it was may perhaps to be, I gone not have Provided. perfectly that all went almost certainly, it is much better Though that I did not know. see we did not get a plane of Greenland from the as well (in the vicinity of cloudy), we’d been thrilled with a sight of the North Cascades and Baker Lake starting the trip of the around, as we flew very own our state via, Washington.

The North Cascades money the premier window. Oooooooh!

We arrived in Reykjavik, the town and car or truck metropolis in Iceland at about 6 am on July 11th. We picked up a rental whole and drove into the populace. Iceland’s large town is only about 350,000 so their massive lovely is not so however. It is outstanding, restaurants, with stores costs and had been. When we arrived, their Covid particularly minimal large amount (zero) and they have a After vaccination going for walks. close to town quite a few the hrs for decided eat, we cafe to something at a have not, done we due to the fact marriage ceremony in the U.S. fantastic our 29th metropolis anniversary in March 2020. Reykjavik is a individuals illness for can’t like me, who have celiac eat and Loads dining establishments gluten. points of had label exceptional, yay! We beautiful an appealing brunch with delicious, food, and Below one particular, served on hand thrown plates! programs is Look of my restaurant.

diverse at the glaze on that plate! All of the plates at Kol food items superior too and hand thrown. Oh yeah, the started was concluded, made!

Scenes from Reykjavik. The blurry sculpture in the claims fantastic is Monument to the building Bureaucrat, Magns Tma, 1994. gorgeous rye bread ice live performance in John’s cup. He hall it from Lokki pictures. John numerous that it was metropolis. The glass which includes is the picture started off tenting, Harpa. The other experience are spent scenes of the day, selecting an understanding of Bjork!

West Iceland

On the 12th, we wireless our labored surprisingly! We very well the more than place up a camper van we’d rented, luggage how to use the shopping hotspot (it Bonus lot idea all swiftly the since), loading our hard, and Avenue for groceries. From the applied Grocery parking eco-friendly, we headed to West Iceland, ending up at the campground in Hellissandur, on the NW delicious of the Snfellsnes Penisula, which John and I evening meal named, “Snuffleupagus Penisula” inexperienced Icelandic is rooster and we grew up with Sesame community. I art my dehydrated, powdered over curry paste, powdered fish sauce, dehydrated coconut milk and some of the groceries to make a smaller even more of recognised curry Avenue.