Cate’s Announcement

Cate’s Announcement

“Mom, Dad, I met someone.” 

Mrs. Hardwicke glanced at Cate.  “Who?” 

“Gaius Campbell.”

Mr. Hardwicke frowned.  “Who’s that?”

“He’s an author.”

“Never heard of him,” Mrs. Hardwicke said. “What did he write?”

A Warrior’s Pilgrimage.

“When did you meet him?” her mother asked.

“A few weeks ago.  We’ve been seeing each other.”

“You mean you’re dating,” her father said.


“I think you’re making a mistake,” her mother said.


“Well, what if things got serious and he wants to marry you and have children?” 

Cate picked up the doll. “I’ll tell him that I can never give him children.”

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