Unveiling the Healing Touch: Samantha Garofalo’s Journey with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Unveiling the Healing Touch: Samantha Garofalo’s Journey with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Hi! My name is Samantha Garofalo, AKA the Real MLD. I’ve always had a deep-rooted passion for helping others in their quest for relief and rejuvenation. In the realm of healing touch, few practices are as nuanced and transformative as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). My journey to MLD was ignited through personal experience, but more on that later. My compassion and skills create a nurturing environment for my clients, providing at-home (mobile) and in-office massage services for a range of clientele, from post-operative plastic surgery patients to those seeking relief from chronic conditions.

From Passion to Profession: A Career Fueled by Compassion

Born and raised in Chicago, at a young age, my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This experience growing up is ultimately where becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist was written in my books. Understanding the debilitating disease and how one can achieve comfort while living with it, I turned this knowledge into my passion. After high school, I tried my hand at business and marketing at Northeastern University but ultimately knew my fit was in massage therapy. Fast forward to 2006 when I graduated from one of the best massage therapy schools in Chicago, The Soma Institute of Clinical Massage Therapy. From there, I’ve worked in multiple settings such as health and wellness centers, hospitals, and five-star hotels.

The Discovery of Manual Lymphatic Drainage: A Personal Revelation

While in school, I learned how Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) could help alleviate pain in those with autoimmune diseases, immobile individuals, and post-op patients. This hit home for me, as my mother and cousin, who is a quadriplegic, both benefited from it. Understanding the importance of the recovery process after undergoing multiple surgeries myself, four being plastic surgeries, it only made sense that a post-op specialist career was right up my alley.

Unveiling the Healing Touch: Samantha Garofalo’s Journey with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Mastering the Art: Certifications and Techniques

In 2019, I received my MLD certification and have taken several other accredited MLD courses relating specifically to post-op, and will always continue to refine my skills, explore new approaches, and integrate emerging research and technology into my practice. MLD, or Manual Lymphatic Drainage, is a skin-stretching technique that helps assist in the absorption of swelling and extracellular waste in the body, pain relief, speeds up healing, reduces scar tissue formation, and can improve the immune system’s response, decreasing the risk of infection. There are a few different kinds of MLD, but I was trained and certified in the Vodder Method, which is recommended by surgeons as it is backed up by scientific studies. Just recently, I learned a new technique and have become certified in Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage. This particular technique is good for relaxation, relieving stress, accelerating natural detoxification, decreasing excess fluid retention, contouring, and benefits cell oxygenation. It’s just another amazing technique I have added to tailor the massage session to the client’s needs and concerns, ensuring a personalized approach that addresses both physical and emotional aspects of health.

Innovative Approaches: Expanding the Healing Arsenal

Beyond the treatment room, I’m dedicated to empowering my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain balance and vitality in their daily lives. Through education, self-care techniques, and personalized wellness plans, I strive to empower you to take an active role in your health and well-being. Each massage session will become an opportunity to facilitate healing and restoration for my clients. The journey of healing is both deeply personal and profoundly universal—a journey that continues to unfold with each gentle stroke and every beat of the human heart.

Empowering Wellness Beyond the Treatment Room

Check out my website realmld.com to view treatments, pricing, as well as testimonials.

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